Heavy Duty Silicone Strap (22/24mm)

What's a Dive Watch without a water-proof strap?


These straps fits most Panerai watches, as well as Seiko Divers, or any watch with 22mm and 24mm that wants to go for a swim.


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Made by Bandenba GmbH.

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Available Colors

  • 22mm (tapers to 20mm) - Black, Red, Blue Yellow
  • 24mm (tapers to 22mm)- Black, Red, Blue Yellow


  • Made of : Anti Allergic Silicone. Softer and more flexible than leather.
  • Comes with : Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Buckles
  • Length (exlud. buckle) : 75 / 125 mm
  • Thickness : 2.5mm


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