The main difference between NATO Straps and ZULU Straps

is how they are worn on your wrist.


NATO and ZULU Strap Difference

NATO Straps have an additional strap that slides through the 2 lugs, so you have 2 straps of nylon under the watch, instead of one. It has squared-off buckles.

ZULU (3-Ring) Straps have only 1 long strap, made of thicker nylon cloth, and has thicker beefier rounded buckles.


ZULU (5-Ring) Straps is similar in configuration to NATO Straps, except that they're is made of thicker nylon cloth, and have beefier rounded buckles.


Still confused?

Its really easier to visualize the difference, if you see how NATOs and ZULUs are worn [click below]

NATO Strap instructions

ZULU 3 ring Strap instructions

ZULU 5 ring Strap instructions


To get an idea on how will your watch look with NATO and ZULU straps, take a look at wristshots submitted by our customers from all over the world

>>> Customer Wristshots


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